Sunday, April 18, 2010

Things I want to do

It's been quite some time since I've posted, but I've really had a desire to write a series of posts about how I envision living different life stages. It will function as a public record and reminder of my dreams at the sweet age of 23, as I fear the expectations and natural rhythms of life will drown out a life of intentionality. So, here is a random list instead, since I am too tired to write something thoughtful!

General things:

1. Live Generosity (Time, resources, abilities, relationships)
2. Tame the tongue/ use it only for encouragement, edification ect. (James 3:7)
3.Write! Worship songs/ devos
4. Develop an intentional prayer time- specifically intercession
5. Adopt/ foster parent - locally and or internationally
6. Do something with African Aid's Orphans
7. Move into a low income neighborhood
8. Teach
9. Youth Leader/ take youth on missions
10. Practice hospitality
11. Stop wasting so much money on trivial things
12. Observe the discipline of solitude & silence (and get that book that Bek has on it)
13. Take people in
14. Work at or run a coffee/arts community centre
15. cross racial, cultural, socio-economic and religious boundaries in a spirit of restoration and reconciliation in the name of Jesus
16. Trust in God and be open to His performance of miracles/signs and wonders--but in a non-sketchy, biblically sound way, and in accordance with His will kinda way
17. Bring/see restoration, reconciliation and healing through Jesus/ the Gospel
18. Live, practice, see Acts 2.
19. Take time for people, while keeping healthy boundaries and being discerning about who I let into the door of my heart!
20. Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly before God.
21. Sing in a worship band!
22. learn piano
23. Take an art class