Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Prayer

Lord renew my mind,
renew my thoughts
purify my heart oh God
for only the pure in heart will see your face
let me not lift my soul to another
I know God you go behind me and before me
you are just waiting for me
to trust you with more and more of me
so that you can prove yourself faithful
I open the way you God
Lord may you be my desire
all that I desire
may I put to death deeds of the flesh
refuse apathy
refuse selfishness
refuse to seek the approval of others
but rather, live in love
for without love I am NOTHING
only a resounding cymbol
renew my love for you
even stronger, deeper and more intimate than at first
you are the fountain of all life
only from you living water flows
all else leaves me thirsty
and enslaves me to its desire
but you say that sin should not master over me
In Christ I am no longer a slave to sin
but a slave to your righteousness
Father, I have tried to fill cracked jars
but I have been unable to keep enough to satisfy
pour out your spirit oh God
have mercy on me,
for you are slow to anger and quick to love
abounding in compassion
lord renew my love for you
draw me to my knees
let me know your heart
do not abandon me to the desires of my flesh
may satan no longer rule over me
i take captive my thoughts to you
enable me to stand gaurd
to be on watch and not fall alseep
righteous God, holy father, be the Lover of my soul again.